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Letter-pairs analysis

Information visualization / ProcessingJS


This project consists in a programming application that is able to read a text and to calculate in real time the number of times each pair of letters appears in a given text. On the basis of this information a graphical representation is made in real time as well. For each new given pair of letters found in the text, the program generates a new bubble. The surface (size) of each bubble is proportional to the number of times it appears in the text. At the same time, each bubble defends its space moving its neighbors. The final output result of this algorithm allows you to have a fast and comprehensive vision of which are the pairs of letters more used in certain text and language. On the basis of this information it is possible to make decisions to design new typography according to the chosen language and/or text.

Remake for ProcessingJS

This is an adaptation made for ProcessingJS from the original version that was made in Processing.

Some examples in different languages